What is Woopdo?

Woopdo is a mobile platform that let’s people experience guided activities with their friends in real life.

What is a woop?

Woops are what we call experiences or activities on Woopdo. They are one-of-a-kind guided experiences featuring an introduction from you and short step by step prompts that guide your community to do things in real life with a partner. They are all about trying new things, social bonding and fun. Woops go live on specific dates and usually last 72hrs (3 days).

Woopdo basics

Woopdo is all about doing things IRL with your friends

It’s a mobile app with fun, guided activities called “woops”

To “whoop” means to call out or yelp >> hence “Woop-do”

There’s something for everyone on Woopdo - sports, music, art ++

Woopdo is like a friend that takes you by the hand and moves you

How it works

You do woops with a partner, never alone

Woops go live on specific dates (usually 72hrs)

Woops are organized around a series of prompts

You take pictures, answer questions and follow along

You can see what other “doers” are up to and interact with them

Every Woop is a one-of-a-kind experience

Woops can be about anything

A movie night with friends

Shop for the perfect dress

Exercise with your kids

Learn to recycle

Discover your city

What are you asking me to do?

We are inviting you to create a guided activity that you feel passionate about. You can submit your idea and if we love it we will schedule a 15-min call with you to explain what’s involved.

Is this a paid collaboration?

No, it’s not. Woopdo is currently in Beta which means we’re not quite ready to work on professional brand campaigns, although we will in the future. For now we’d encourage you to see for yourself how Woopdo is a game-changer for engaging your community.

Why are you looking for creators?

Woopdo is inviting a small group of creators to help us create awesome activities during our pre-launch Beta

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