• Fun things to do with Sorority Sisters

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  • Events for you and your sisters

    21+ Scrapbook Night

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    Unleash your creativity and raise a glass! Join us for our 21+ Scrapbook Night, where you and your sisters can create lasting memories while sipping on adult beverages. Monthly event, sign up now for a night of fun and crafting!

    Green Up Your Dorm

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    Transform your dorm into a lush oasis! Join us for our "Green Up Your Dorm" workshop where you'll learn to decorate and add a touch of greenery to your room. All materials provided, take home a potted plant you've decorated!

    Bake for a Cause

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    Get your aprons ready! Join our "Bake for a Cause" event and whip up some delicious treats while making a difference in the lives of the homeless in Eugene. Sign up now to be a part of this community-driven event and help make a change!

  • Adopt a Freshman

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    Get ready for an unforgettable bonding experience! Adopt a Freshman and become their mentor, guide and friend throughout their college journey. Sign up now for our Guided Sorority Freshman Adoption Event!

    Hot Girl Walk

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    Hot Girl Walk consists of taking a four-mile outdoor walk while listening to an inspirational podcast or a playlist while thinking about three specific things: What you're grateful for, your goals, how hot you are.

    Dance Trivia Game

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    Get ready to move and groove! Join our Dance Trivia Game event where you and your sorority sisters will test your knowledge through dance! Answer correctly and keep dancing, one wrong answer and you're out.

  • DIY Patchwork Tees

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    Get creative and make a statement with sustainable fashion at our 'Design Your Own Patchwork T-Shirt' event. You will learn how to repurpose and upcycle old t-shirts into one-of-a-kind patchwork designs.

    Writing for Wellness

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    Unlock the power of journaling and boost your mental wellness with our 'Journal Your Day' event. Participants will learn how to use journaling as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

    Origami for All

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    Unleash your creativity and brighten someone's day with our 'Origami Creation and Gifting' event. Attendees will learn the art of origami and create a variety of beautiful and unique paper creations.